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What would you play when you see the chord symbols A7b9-sharp9, F7+5, Csusb9, or D-flatMaj7+5? What would you "blow" over a D Locrian #2? The Melodic Minor Handbook provides musicians of all levels with these answers in presenting a concise, practical, easy-to-absorb method of exposure, study, and practice in the components of melodic minor harmony, and its use within the jazz vocabulary. Although the sound of melodic minor harmony has been a staple of jazz music over the last half century, familiarity among many aspiring musicians with its derivative modes and chord types still seems to remain a mystery; and even though touched upon to a greater or lesser degree by various books and methods, a comprehensive study stressing melodic minor harmony as a unique harmonic universe of its own has been absent---until now! 176 pages, spiral bound.